Blind Ambitions

by Blind Ambitions

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released January 17, 2011

Produced by Josh Austin at Glasshouse Productions



all rights reserved


Blind Ambitions Canterbury, UK

Heavy Melodic Hardcore influenced by a ton of bands and genres.

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Track Name: Outlook
with concepts stripped away and beliefs let to stray
life bleeds into view I can see clearly through the reasons to be to make these years all I can
Track Name: Let Go
i can only guess how it feels to be cut out

some arn't so lucky left to the wind like a scrap of paper

"where am I?"

so long ago since she hit the road
trapped alone , can't find -her way out
in the wrong part of town lost taken by the wolves

worlds made from dreams
the only place that makes any sense
a world of her own no longer alone
its almost like she never left home

a quick drop to the pavement
end to all the torment
eyes cry out "will someone hear?"
she sheds her last tear

a life incomplete let down
a life incomplete let go

just one more face in the crowd cast aside
screaming out loud on deaf ears
why don't we listen? why dont we care?
Track Name: Borders
what do you see?

these are answers to questions we cant comprehend a passing glance we have no right to judge

take a shot in the dark and make things worse
tying knots in the truth, you wont be the first
you can think what you think but you don't know the facts

preacher of lies change or be left behind
narrow minded fuckin blinded
you divide us

the capacity to love wasted on hate
a viciouse rage aimed at our own kind

take a good look around this the wishing well
we are all different prints of the same old coin

open your eyes you'll see what was wrong
open your eyes it was you all along
Track Name: Headway
the days pass through to the past
and the now slips out of my grasp
there are many regrets in the back of my mind
i wont let them waste my time
ive won and lost at least I tried

the seconds come and go
months change sun and snow
ill never know if I made the right choice
im more concerned with the here and the now
every moment is a chance to turn around

with new starts dawn breaks and dusk sets
with our world reset dawn breaks and dusk sets

with progression learnt lessons
love lost and found again
looking back ive come so far

ive felt the fall from slipping down
broken bones and a worn out soul

but the hope in my chest keeps
my head above the sinking sand
with time i'll find the key
to become who i can almost see