Breaking Free

by Blind Ambitions

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released April 7, 2012

Produced, recorded and mixed at Hidden Track Studios by Oliver Craggs

Mastered by Dave Greenberg at Sonopod Mastering

All songs written by Blind Ambitions

Artwork by Dan Morison




Blind Ambitions Canterbury, UK

Heavy Melodic Hardcore influenced by a ton of bands and genres.

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Track Name: Open Minds
I welcome change and endeavour to better myself by shedding the pretensions of a populous detached from the emotions that define us
While I don't put faith in a god I respect anyone with an open mind and disagree that there isn't something more
Reliance on the tangible and exile of the spiritual has led us to this
Track Name: Headlines
There's more than one side to the story
I'm tired of hearing the headlines repeated and accepted without question
Events get twisted and lies get printed
Read all about it; deceit for the masses
Read between the lines, cast your own perspective
Read between the lines, stray from the collective
So will you blindly follow what everyone else thinks? Or will you take a step back, wait just a second before you react and question the facts
We allow ourselves to be led by publications and politicians with there own agendas
Well I'm asking you now to think for yourself
I'm asking you now to think for yourself
I've made many wrong decisions but at least I made them- no one else
And I can say with certainty that I've retained my clarity
And I can say with certainty my mind is mine
My mind is mine
Track Name: Silver and Gold
We have been manipulated since day one "buy this buy that, you fucking need this"
Our heads rewired to want more and more, materialistic sheep unaware of our fleece
We are disconnected
The world got too big for us to care
Our hearts grew small and we discovered greed and now we fill our lives with objects we don't need
So we take and we take and give nothing back to a world that can't withstand much more
Herded into thinking that what we own defines who we are
Chained down in gold and silver- luxuries with no purpose- but to keep us feeling incomplete
I refuse to be repressed by what I possess
I won't be
We won't be defined by our wealth
We won't be clouded by material gain
We won't be coerced into indifference
We won't be the ones to seek fortune over love
Track Name: Strength of Heart
I can't see what’s up ahead but I know what’s in my heart
So many years to make our mark, to chose the least worn path and when the seasons change we'll see what we've become
I wrote these words what seems like so long ago
Winters and summers have passed and I’m not the same person I was
The negatives I knew have failed to move on
Still stuck in the past
You wait to decay
Short lived nothing worth to say
You wait to decay
Dead hearts won't keep me down
When did your veins give in?
Lifeless; no drive to live
Dead hearts won't keep me down, beating alone void of sound
Still finding my place
I'm not alone in this race
We found a pulse
Running through us making way for a greater, a brighter day
The path that we take- the journey we make- will define who we are in the end
Moments may fade- faces may change- the drive in our hearts will stay the same
We have the strength, we have the heart, to carve our own path
We are the architects of our own actions
Track Name: Mesmerized and Desensitized
Mesmerized by the neon lights
Desensitized by tonight’s prize fight
It’s inane what some humans enjoy and insane the violence they crave
Fists have no place here
They're all condemning war but baying for blood
I'm wading through a flood of hypocritical fucks
Love and hate is in us all; it's up to you which one you choose to hold on to
Which one will you choose
Don't agree with all you see; if a mans down on his luck pick him back up
Take your head out from the clouds
Sightless and oblivious to violence
Wipe the sludge that covers your eyes
Break the stone encasing your heart
Apathy is a disease that can be cured by simply allowing ourselves to care
Track Name: Break Free
Set me free
Day to day, year to year, trapped here
There’s so much that I hope to achieve but it feels like this straight line society has every wish to drag me to
my knees
Wake drain sleep repeat, a life I refuse to lead
Born to conform; no choice
Taught to accept; brainwashed
These towns all look the same; same shit different day
There’s a world I have to see
I’m working up the strength to break free
Break free
There are worse states of life than death
I’m not gunna be just another piece of an endless puzzle you call an existence
I can't just sit here and fit in
Wake drain sleep repeat a life I refuse to lead
I’m working up the strength to break free
Break Free
I won't let my cycle continue
Take a stand- yeah man- against wasting your days on a system that sees you only as a number
Don't waste your days
Track Name: Pressure
The airbrushed images of an artificial life screamed at her “you just aren't good enough”
She just wanted to be like the stars
She didn't get very far
Disgusting men- after only one thing- stripped away her pride and fed her lies
She had a pretty face and half a voice; enough to exploit
No one should have to feel like they're not good enough
With so much pressure it's harder said than done
No one should have to feel like they're not good enough
It's harder said than done
The shit she puts in her veins to feel alive is the aesthetic her "managers" use to thrive
Her skeletal figure features in the magazines; It's what she wanted but she’s too high to notice anything
No one should have to feel like they're not good enough
She'd tried so hard and couldn't feel anymore
No one should have to feel like they're not good enough
Pressure to be someone had destroyed who she was
Just one more fix
An hour before the show that needle hunts her vein
The last overdose she'll ever take
All her fans want to be just like her
Track Name: The Old World
We'd been searching the old cities for days looking for a shred of decency in its past
Few relics remained of the sane; most cared for little more than themselves
What could of been without animosity
If they'd respected each others cultures and beliefs the constant wars would of ceased and we would not be picking through the remains of humanity
The burnt pictures of the protesters read "stop the hate and reciprocate"
The war orchestrators hid in their ivory towers
Nobody escaped extinction in the end
They learnt their lesson when the air turned black but they can't wish it back
They saw it coming and did nothing
Before the ash clouds blocked out the sky the predictions said it would end this way
I guess nobody listened
Track Name: Damages
He was dead before he hit the floor
That day more than one life collapsed
A mother with an unborn son
A father that was never coming home
He left a whole lot of pieces to pick up
You’re gone and we'll never hear your voice
If you can hear we never forgot
The deafening tones of those who spoke in hushed words filled the air
They all had those scrunched up brows that said “we feel what your going through”
Starting again wasn't easy but she would overcome tragedy
She had to stay strong for more than just her
She asks almost everyday why he was taken away
Over 20 years have passed but sometimes on a bright march day she still feels that same pain like it was only yesterday
Your gone and we'll never hear your voice
If you can hear we never forgot
You've held stronger for me than I have ever been
We built new foundation
We've moved on but we'll never forget